Gintama – The Best Fight EVAR!

“Whoever gets their but wiped first by God will be the winner!”

Maturity level decreased! ^_^

Ah gawd! That’s why I like Gintama, it makes me laugh at the stupidest and most immature things!

For a long running series, which I usually drop, I can’t see myself dropping Gintama no matter how stupid it gets. In fact that stupidity is the whole selling point…well at least to me! Luckily though, being a ‘samurai’ anime, there’s some great fights here and there, serious business that makes up for it’s parodies and references…which the majority off just fly over my head… >_>

Also, spoiler included ending FTL! >_< I probably would’ve been more surprised by Kyuubei if they didn’t show her during the ED sequence where everyone was shirtless…including Kyuubei. ”’orz

3 thoughts on “Gintama – The Best Fight EVAR!

  1. Gintama is ALWAY THE BEST. i love everything about gintama. the world, the aliens, the samurais, the stupidity and last but not least the parodies.

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