Saimoe 2008 – It’s rigged I tell ya!!

“Am I really your Number One?”

Yes, Manaka, even though you lost in your Saimoe round, you are still MY Number One!!!

It’s a sad day here at Open Your Mind, my lovely Komaki Manaka isn’t advancing to the next round in the Saimoe tournament…not only did she not advanced, but she got the least amount of votes…IT’S RIGGED I TELL YA!! RIGGED!!! >_<

Tsk…people don’t know what’s moe. >_> To make you realize what’s moe, here’s a Komaki Manaka image spam.




If you haven’t died of moe by now…GTFO!!!

“Owww…jeez, be careful!”

Ha! I bet now you’re regretting not voting for Komaki Manaka!! Serves you right!

7 thoughts on “Saimoe 2008 – It’s rigged I tell ya!!

  1. Bah! You people disappoint me!!! >_< Leave at once!!

    In all seriousness though, Komaki Manaka is from the ToHeart 2 series…which honestly was a less than average anime, and she’s the typical class representative that will do whatever everyone asks her to. Nothing really striking about her. But for some reason I have this unexplainable attraction to her…>_>

    This post was just me fanboying over the fact that she lost her round. :(

  2. wow that’s the most images I have ever seen of Komaki in one place especially in a moe setting…..*head explodes due to moe overload* And yes To Heart 2 was much worse than less than average even though I have seen all the To Heart series… To Heart Remember my Memories was actually not bad….but wow to see her in a moe collage it’s too much….haha great post though good blog I like it I will be checking it out again…here’s the link to mine stop by sometime

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