Shugo Chara! – I want an Amu character song

You know, we’ve heard lots of songs from Utau…not that I’m complaining, Mizuki Nana is awesome, but after seeing/hearing Amu sing, I suddenly wanted to listen to a character song from her. The series is already at episode 49 and it’s popular, isn’t it about time that we get some character songs other than Utau’s? Oh well, that’s just my wishful thinking.

As for this episode, it’s another filler episode. But the good thing about Shugo Chara! fillers is that they’re usually entertaining enough to overcome that “filler” feeling one gets. This time around it’s about a girl who want to be a great violin maker, fixer, or whatever you call that profession and Amu just so happens to have an interest in her work.

On the Easter side…well, things have gotten bad, not in the good way, and me taking them seriously have dropped since Sanjou quit. All there is now is that bunch of weirdos who came up with that stupid invention to find the Embryo. Of course, it’s a failure and it was stealing normal white eggs. >_> Someone more competent better come out of Easter. Well, that director guy wants to do something about Ikuto so, that’s interesting enough, so thing should start moving again as the next season comes.

FINAL NOTE: Amu has been doing more Chara Nari with Miki…which I have not complaints about since Amulet Spade rocks, which continues the joke about Miki not doing enough Chara Nari’s with Amu! ^_^

6 thoughts on “Shugo Chara! – I want an Amu character song

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who demanded an Amu character song after this episode. The fact that she already has a song that only she’s sung is a good sign! (I hope)

    As for what the heck Easter will be doing from now on, I know all the spoilers from the manga and I still have absolutely no clue where anime Easter is headed.

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