Code Geass R2 Voice Gimmick

I’m all for gimmicks, the make the internet fun and are a good way to waste time you don’t have. ”’orz This is a very simple voice synthesizer…once you get the hang of it…and if you know some Japanese, where you can make Lelouch {in Zero’s Voice} or C.C say whatever you want. Fans could go crazy and make Lelouch say things like “Suzaku, I love you.” {by Shin} or C.C say “Ippen, Shinde Miru” {by Kuumin}.

I was seriously going to do that one…but as I looked around the “C.C” archives, I saw it was already done… :(

So I went with the simple yet obvious “Open Your Mind he youkoso!“. I’ll probably give it another go. That’s the problem with gimmicks…the novelty of it runs out real fast…>_>

If you want to give it a try but fail at the deciphering of Moonrunes, head over to Atarashii Prelude where Shin {with the help of Hoshi} made a guide for ya!

–More on Anime News Network

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