Yotsunoha - Nekomiya Nono

I just watched Yotsunoha. Why? Because it was a 2 episode OVA and I got interested after some danbooru search fun. I don’t know how I got to Yotsunoha when I was browsing Jikogu Shoujo…>_>

Yotsunoha is based on an eroge game of the same name, it’s a typical eroge game where you follow the path of the girl of your choice…with the animated version usually animating the main heroine’s path. And usually the animated version is not as good as the Visual Novel…that’s the case with Yotsunoha.

For one, the voice of Nono annoyed the hell outta me. I’m a fan of the Kansai dialect, or Osakan dialect, like the one Yagami Hayate, Naha Midori, and Aizawa Sakuya speak, but Sakakibara Yui {Nono} sounded so odd and weird…annoying me. But since the episodes were about 35 minutes long, I thought I could endure it. Besides, I was interested in tsunderekko Matsuri because, well, she’s tsundere!!

But the biggest problem I had with Yotsunoha was the way Makoto {he’s a lolicon no matter what he says!! ^_^ } ‘realized’ he loved Nono…he realized it by looking at the thing he put in the time capsule. It was that note from the sports festival where you pick whatever it says and bring it to the goal line. Well, his said “Suki na Hito” the person you love, and back then he won the race while carrying Nono. But when he read it he said something along the lines of “Ah, I forgot all about it”…then ‘realizes’ he loves Nono and confesses it to her…

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!? HOW STUPID CAN ONE BE? That’s a sorry excuse for love. How the hell can one “FORGET” their own feelings? How half-asses is that excuse? Since the beginning of the OVA he treated her as just another friend…hell, it looked like he was happier at seeing Matsuri than Nono! And for a second there, I thought he was going to choose Matsuri…>_> That was a dumb and plain stupid excuse of a way to get them together.

If he would have at least shown a huge smile of blushed at the sight of Nono {in the beginning}…I probably would have accepted it…hmm…maybe not. Ah well, I’m glad this was just 2 episode and not a full 13 episodes and a bigger waste of time a la Gift.

Meh, back to watching Jigoku Shoujo!

4 thoughts on “Yotsunoha

  1. LOL, I just watched it back when it came out cos it was a 2 ep OVA lol. And it seemed cute. I don’t remember much about the seiyuu though, so I can’t agree with you on the annoying voice of Nono.

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