Sekirei – Kuno, the useless Sekirei

Sekirei Episode 10

I dunno, although she’s weak and useless, I find her to be better than Musubi, Tsukiumi, Matsu, Kazehana, etc. etc…in short, she’s better than all them sekirei who lug around those two huge lumps of mass in their chest! ^_^’

Well that’s physical appearance wise…ability wise, Miya FTW!! {That’s the landlady.}

Oh! And, um, That’s right, I’m still watching Sekirei!!

7 thoughts on “Sekirei – Kuno, the useless Sekirei

  1. I think Kuno is my favorite sekirei. She is deeply underestimated for the power she DOES have. I think she just doesn’t have the ability yet to control it adequately with her evident lack of confidence in herself. When she is forced to use her power, you will notice it is only when she absolutely has to use everything she’s got. She’s also the cutest when she gets flustered. ^_^ I’m still watching it on my netflix I just got for my xbox360. Totally fell in love with the show.

  2. And also, what’s the problem with big boobs? Look, not all of the sekirei have big boobs. Case in point, look up. ^ They have all sorts of different looking sekirei. There’s even male ones. The big boobs bouncing around in the anime is what anime is. Sorry… ones for grown-ups anyway. And besides, they don’t even show anything else but boobs! So get use to seeing them, because all us girls have em in all shapes and sizes. ^_^

  3. I think that big boobs would actually make a lot more anime’s appealing to me. So sell out to big bouncing boobs all you crappy animes! Then I will probably watch you too :)

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