Hatsukoi Limited

Hatsukoi Limited
I always thought Ayumi was blond…>_>

This is a manga by Kawashita Mizuki of Ichigo 100% {Strawberry 100%} fame…[and the reason I was attracted to it]. That alone tells you that the girls are beautifully drawn and the guys are below normal {with a few bishounens of course}. And of course, her story is going to be enthralling…which is why I couldn’t stop reading it! ^_^ And what’s more, is that I found out that an anime of this is is planned for production!

Can’t wait to see Enomoto Kei and Arihara Ayumi in all their animated glory! ^_^

Hatsukoi Limited Chapter 11 pg 12

Anyways, this is one of the best romance manga I’ve read…granted though, I haven’t read much manga! ^_^’ Anyways this is a manga featuring the first love of a few dozen characters, both males and females. But what’s interesting is that every chapter focuses on different characters and along the way intertwine with each other! Pretty interesting, and addictive! I tell you, once I read chapter one, I couldn’t stop until the final chapter. Luckily I had them on my computer since who know how long! ^_^’

And unlike Kawashita Mizuki’s previous works, mainly Ichigo 100%, this manga doesn’t drag on the love story nor tries to make the love tri quad pent hex sept oct whatever-gon into a complete mess. A really great read and I recommend you read it if you haven’t already.

8 thoughts on “Hatsukoi Limited

  1. Exactly. This is better than Ichigo 100% because it does not drag out the story of the manga, and while cut off early, still ended quite well.

    I’m looking forward to its anime rendition; here’s hoping for a competent studio to pick up this manga!

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  4. I’m so love this manga ichigo 100%( specials to tsukasa Nishino), cause this is the one a manga I ever read, makes my hearth falling down and fly up in same times. so I spend my time to readed this comics in 5 day(3-4 hours /day) nonstop until the end. I hope the author keeping forward to make the another comics better and better more, and I be waitng for the comics comes…

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