10 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 – Meh…We knew it

  1. I’m pretty sure Nunally’s being well and alive being leaked was just a flimsy cover to throw us off the trail of ZA KISSU… Unfortunately I was too busy cringing whenever Suzaku’s new costume appeared on screen

  2. Oh my. I´ve waited for two seasons for that kiss. Admiration, love, confused feelings etc etc = oh she wants him.

    Took her long enough. And with what happened she should know that Lelouch has a though behind his acting.

    Weird that you aren´t talking about the rest of the Rounds being shown for like 2sec and then killed of by Suzaku :p

  3. @manga: That’s how unimportant the Rounds are to me I guess…>_>

    @Shin: The kiss was long overdue, which was why I was surprised by it…I thought it was NEVER going to happen.

  4. Hey wait… I thought Lulu was only interested in his sister? :p

    Strange that Nunnally’s supposed death only had the impact during the episode she “died”. Anything after that, the shock factor gradually diminished. Still, I’m glad she’s alive…for reasons other than her role in the story. ;)

    But if there’s one character I’m genuinely happy that the person is alive, it’s SAYOKO!!

  5. @Keiri: That’s just a bluff to give doujin artist some incest to work with! ;)

    And I’ll believe whatever reason Meido Sayoko has for surviving the bomb because, well, SHE’S A FRIKIN’ NINJA!

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