Code Geass R2 – Zeus got Geassed

Wait a minute…immortal Charles can’t get geassed, but “god” can? O_o

I thought Charles wanted to rule the world forever with his immortal body, but it turns out he just wants everyone to merge with the Data Integration Thought Entity…or the lesser version of it…his bad-ass-ness just dropped to zero…>_>

Marianne, what the hell? All this time I thought of her as some angelic and pure mother figure. But she’s just the same as Charles…if not crazier. And what a coincidence that she just happens to have realized her geass’ powers just as she was about to die…hiding herself within loli Anya…>_>

Quite possibly the best part of the episode was Lelouch walking up to the throne and claiming it, double geassing the hell out of the audience with Spinzaku kicking sharp blades for entertainment. ALL HAIL LELOUCH! ^_^

9 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 – Zeus got Geassed

  1. Yes, Sunrise series defies all logic. ;)

    I originally thought Marianne was some angelic figure as well, until she appeared in the previous episode acting a little too carefree despite the chaos around her. Had a hunch she was up to something when she looked as though she didn’t seem to care about Lelouch. Action-wise, she probably couldn’t do anything in order to avoid being suspected by Bismarck, but her facial expression didn’t show the slightest bit of concern for her son. She was smiling when she suggested helping Lelouch. >_>

    Oh and interesting how Anya’s hairstyle changed into something similar to that of young Marianne’s, which could have prompted several fans to speculate there is a potential link between the two, and whaddaya know…it turned out to be true. :p

  2. @Nagato: Ah there ya go!! A simple yet obvious answer to everything!!

    @Keiri: Boy did I almost hit Anya’s bull’s eye! Remember I said she could be a memory geassed Nunnaly? I was so close…yet sooo far! ^_^’

    @Riana: Yeah, and that collective conscious is ‘god’ according to Charles. Also, doesn’t he need to look into people’s eyes to geass them?

    I won’t buy the “he geasses the consciousness by looking into their eyes, which are said to be widows to your soul…” excuse. Although, that sound really convincing… >_>

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  4. Awww man! Just when the phrase, “All Hail Brriiiitannnia!” sunk to my subconscious, another one comes out. Damn! I really liked saying ‘All Hail Britannia’ more than ‘All Hail Lelouch.”

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