World Destruction – I Like teh psycho B!tch

GODAMMMMMMN~~~~! SO F*CKING MOE~~♥! ^_^ Drastically different from this!

If there’s one thing I like about World Destruction…it gotta be it’s character designs. They’re nicely detailed yet simplistic. And if I gotta choose a favorite character because of it’s design…it gotta be the psycho and trigger happy dragon lady, Lia!

I like how she looks so innocent with her gothic loli dress and pink bow, but yet dangerous with those gun holsters and bad attitude! Plus, the combination of yellow hair and purple eyes look good together!

So for the past few days, I’ve been leisurely working on a wallpaper of Lia from the intro, the part where’s she’s covered in ice. I got to this part:

Click Image for Original (2276×1280) Size

But I completely and utterly failed at making the ice…”’orz Damn, I SUCK when it comes to backgrounds or detail… -_- I’ll look for some tutorials and see if I can find something to work with.

As for World Destruction, well, it’s dumb…and for some reason I keep watching it…>_> I think it’s because of the spoiler I read about Kirie being the Destruct Code itself…or something along that line, I’m not too sure…and I’m hoping to see it in the anime! But of course, trigger happy Lia is another reason! ^_^’

4 thoughts on “World Destruction – I Like teh psycho B!tch

  1. I liked R’hia (Lia) in the videogame better. I had high hopes for the anime since I played the game first. Manga’s good too.

    Appreciate the artwork of Lia since I usually see all Naja (love Naja too, but R’hia needs love :)) )

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