Tokyo Akazukin – My Spot in Hell has Been Reserved

This is NOTHING compared to what’s in the manga.

Why is it that when people tell you not to do something, you go ahead and do it?? If I was asked to touch that exposed wire from an outlet, I won’t do it…but since I was told not to…well, you can pretty much guess what happened. ”’orz

I’ve had Tokyo Akazukin on my computer for a few weeks now and was planning on reading it after catching up with Ai Kora. But a certain omisyth tempted me to read it with a post asking us not to…and well, curiosity got the best of me and I read it…ALL OF IT!!

This manga was filled with lots of blood, gore, sex, rape, and confusion. If it wasn’t for the fact that loli Akazukin (Red Riding Hood) was an immortal demon carrying some big guns, I probably would have dropped this after chapter one. But since my curiosity was at an extremely high level, I keep reading it ’till the end…where I met with yet another Gainax Ending…But at least this was a bit better on the brain. I was confused at what the hell was happening in the end, but not enough to make me dislike it.

In short, this manga is really graphic, gruesome and will defile your innocent soul. If you read this and like it…I’ll see you in hell. :)

12 thoughts on “Tokyo Akazukin – My Spot in Hell has Been Reserved

  1. @The Animanochronism: One soul saved!

    @Mimi: I’ll pray for your soul…

    @21stcenturydigitalboy: To me, any ending that confuses me or mind f*cks me is regarded as a Gainax Ending. And I disagree, Gainax Endings AREN’T the best and make no sense whatsoever! The fact that the term “Gainax Ending” came for the ending of Evangelion says a lot! ;)

    They’re the ones that ruin an anime for me! >_<

  2. @The Animanachronism: Yes, I agree. Turn back now.

    I only read this because I randomly search for manga of my tastes online. I finished it, and it would probably give me a reason to reserve a seat in hell automatically. No matter, I shall atone.

    Besides the gratuity in the manga, it had gruesomeness similiar to Hellsing. It’s a dark manga, with dark humor and lots of ecchi (even moreso).

  3. Is it worse then Franken Fran?

    And how much worse than Hellsing does this become?

    I have no real problem with either gore och sex as long as it holds some kind of meaning or is just freaking awesome like the gore in Hellsing.

    If it just is gore then I have a slight more yuck feeling. But if the story intrests me then I have no real problem reading it.

  4. Honestly, I do believe this has become my new favorite manga. I’m obsessed with finding a non traditional story line and one that twists with your head. I laughed, I cried, I told EVERY twisted minded friend of mine to read it. The art was impressive in my opinion. I want to find a way to buy it or print it out and take it with me, It’s so GOOD! I will admit it did have one of those “Gainax endings” Which I completely understood, though I will say I actually preferred it this way. I don’t think the story would have been good ending with a complete follow up. It set a mood that is hard to create otherwise.

    …Does it make me twisted to think that just reading this story doesn’t merit me going to Hell? I honestly thought it was beautiful in a demented, gory type of way. :)

  5. hell is curious sometime.
    really one of the best histories I´ve read, but the brutal images are there just for aesthetics, sometimes without any real meaning.

    The moral aspect is what i like the most, the fact that the protagonist is in fact innocent of all the sin, in the end of the manga theos say it “you have not change, you are still..” and I will not say more (I dont want to spoil your reading)

    But the end comes to soon and many of the great parts of the history are left behind, and we have too little pieces of the protagonist too relly “know” her.

    In the end we dont really know what happened (close your eyes now)
    Why Astarte needed to reedem herself, what Asbeel has to do with wolf. etc.

    i´ ve just ended reading this and the only thing that comes in my mind is that I need more, Gainax endings are always open endings but with a very clear point of ending, in this manga I know exactly what happened but i dont know what could happen, the final stage have too missing pieces to complet the big picture.
    I need one more chapter or to know in wath degree the choices of the final chapter affect the self of Akazukin.
    I am now mad

    ,,.-´çWaNt mEaT ?,,?..?

  6. Again, this manga will forever be my favorite. I love the gore. I love gore PERIOD. The story plot was also good, and I will always worship Akazukin (for those that read it, Astarte was okay too, but not in a grotesque dolly kind of way. Akazukin just owns). I agree with Gerardo, this story needs to continue, even though when Akazukin/Astarte came back to her senses, it sort of killed it for me. I loved that homicidal, succubus little Loli.

  7. See you in Hell dear! Everything about this manga attract me, the gore mostly… x3
    The ending is kinda confusing… So I’ll read it again! xD

    Have a nice day in Hell!


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