Mahoromatic – I Didn’t See the Gainax Ending Coming

Bitty Booby Attack~!

I wouldn’t mind being defeated by such a fearsome attack! ^_^

First of all, I wanna mention that the majority of Mahoromatic was actually good and fun to watch. It had a nice even dosage of drama and comedy with a side dish of ecchi. In my opinion, an anime with all those elements is made of win! Add a meido robo {and her dojikko anemic sister}, some fighting, and an intriguing plot and you got yourself an instant favorite! ^_^

So for the most part, Mahoromatic had become a favorite…well…that is, until I got to the final episode…>_>


Although those questions where answered and my tilted head with question marks floating around was back in normal watching position, I thought the ending was crap. Not only did it have an out of character Suguru…well in actuality, it’s believable and could also be an anime. Think about it, “a lonesome hunter who lost his humanity{?} hunts Combat Androids because those Androids are too human and reminds him of Mahoro, an Android he fell in love with but lost in battle”…it has some potential!! ^_^’

Ah, anyways, back to topic: Not only did it have an out of character Suguru, all depressed and actually GAR-ish, but it also brought back Mahoro, who was supposed to be dead. Can’t death be taken seriously in anime?

If there’s one thing I hate about anime, it’s when someway somehow they bring a character back from the dead. I got tired of if while reading Marvel comics back in the day, and I’m tired of seeing it in anime…a character that dies SHOULD STAY DEAD!? >_<

If anything, that’s the major reason why I disliked the ending. I could let go of the fact that not everything was tied up well enough and that I didn’t get to see a grown up Minawa {if there was one}, but resurrecting someone {or something} is something I can’t be so forgiving about…

Gaddamit!! Another good anime with a crappy plot device for an ending…which makes me score it lower despite being a fun watch! >_< *sigh* I should’ve seen the Gainax Ending coming…

Someone, PLEASE tell me the manga is better than this!

10 thoughts on “Mahoromatic – I Didn’t See the Gainax Ending Coming

  1. Here’s the answer – the manga ending made sense… but the anime ending didn’t, since it was written before the manga ended, IIRC.

    The anime ending is like EoE – horribly depressing, with the setting shifting to a frontier planet where Suguru’s gone off as a full-body cyborg who hunts Saints, gets betrayed, and is dying when he runs into the loli-meido-robot again.

    The manga ending is much better – Suguru’s only in his late 20’s/early 30’s, lost his hands, and fights Saint forces. You see everyone else has moved on and become successful, while he drinks himself half to death. There’s a little baby who was ‘brithed’ by the Saint-mind that becomes the reincarnation of Mahoro, including her memories… and by the time she’s grown up, Suguru’s only like 10-11 years older than she when she goes off to find him again.

  2. Oh, and the manga has a grown-up Minawa that you get to see. Grown up everyone too… including the still-cougarish Shijiko-sensei, who has to deal with Rin trying to rein her shota-con tendencies in.

  3. @Haesslich: I want to avoid spoilers so I skipped whatever came after “The manga ending is much better”. That right there was all I needed to be motivated enough to try and get my hands on the manga! ^_^


  4. And before you ask, Mahoro’s memories were uploaded to the Saint-mind before she died in the manga… and the Saint-mind made the deliberate choice to give her a second chance, as she was originally built by Saint in the first place.

    You can check out the Wikipedia article, or check out the manga yourself if you can find it at a bookstore.

  5. Hell, I hated the show after the Summer Special and had to pick up the last volume of the manga. It IS much better.

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