Kugimiya Rie becomes the Tiger

Just as I thought!!! ^_^


I’ve started reading Toradora! probably about a week ago, and just now I read that it was going to be an anime coming this Fall, which I highly anticipate and hope it’s as good as the manga…but it’s based on the light novel if I recall correctly. And while I was reading Toradora!, I connected Aisaka Taiga and Kugimiya Rie together, that alone tells you what type of character Taiga is! That’s right! A small and cute tsunderekko!

So when I read the news, I ran over to Wikipedia to see who would be Taiga’s seiyuu…and much to my pleasant surprise, I saw that it was going to be Kugimiya Rie!! ^_^ I wouldn’t have accepted any other!

Also, “Massugu Go!” Horie Yui as Kushieda Minorin is icing on the cake! ^_^


3 thoughts on “Kugimiya Rie becomes the Tiger

  1. I also hope that the anime would not disappoint us because the manga was great. I also can’t wait for Rie Kugimiya to play the palmtop tsun-tiger Taiga ^_^

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