Nogizaka Haruka no Ryoushin

Lot’s of more sweet moments to go around and make you go “Aww~!” and “Kyaa~!”. But, truly, the highlight of this episode was the arrival of Haruka’s father and mother. Both of which are scary in thier own way!

And also, this episode felt more like the ending to me…Yuuto and Haruka have been falling in love with each other every episode, and really, there’s no need for Shiina, who I still like more than Haruka…blasphemy I know, and the major hurdle they needed to overcome {Haruka’s father} has already been jumped and dealt with. The school and rumors thing can be taken care of easily, Nobunaga will easily blend in with them and Shiina of course would admire Haruka no matter what. Anything coming after this will probably feel like filler and guilty pleasure…

But well, we still need to hear the actual words come out of both Haruka and Yuuto even though we all know what they feel…which will probably be what the next episodes will be about. Oh, yeah, they’re gonna thrown in the third point of the triangle {Shiina} for some good measure and drama. But I can’t shake the feeling that this episode would’ve been better if it was the ending…with a few tweaks here and there, like the Innocent Smile thing and confessing…>_>

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