Mahou Sensei Negima Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba

This is what an anime based on a Akamatsu Ken manga is supposed to be like! True, or closer to, the manga! ^_^

Like Tsubasa Reservoic Chronicles: TOKYO REVELATiONS, this OVA wastes no time and throws you into the world of Negima. Though, I think most people who don’t read the manga would be confused as what is happening at the beginning since it starts off with the end of the School Festival…an arc I would definitely would have liked to be animated!

But really, if the other Negima anime were as awesome as this single episode, I’m sure there would be much more excitement for Ala Alba…it’s been about two weeks and no subs…>_>

Heterochromia FTW!

SHAFT does it again by giving us such great animation! That was about the only thing I liked about Negima!?, the animation. And I gotta give props to whoever decided to add the Latin phrases as an echo for the magical chants! I thought there was an audio problem at first, but realized what it was after hearing some ‘words’!

Though I would like to see the Magic World Arc animated, it seems the OVA’s will only span until they arrive in England…bu~t:

From the Negi no Ochakai event that was held on May 2008, Ken Akamatsu mentions that if preorders for the first of the OVAs exceeds 50,000, the staff would consider a film adaptation and 100,000 for a third animated series. The counter at the official website is actually the number of orders for all three OVAs. The counter reached just over 82,000 before the first OVA was released.

Hehe~! MOAR Negima!!?

One thought on “Mahou Sensei Negima Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba

  1. MOAR Negima!!?

    Hell YES!! Film adaptation in the making then?

    I’m fervently praying for a 3rd TV series and the numbers look good so far. MSN deserves better treatment than it had in the past by the likes of Xebec and the odd alternate retelling by SHAFT. The OAD may be enough to redeem it but a new animated series will always be welcomed with open arms. :)

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