New Fullmetal Alchemist Anime


The wraparound jacket band on the 20th volume of Hiromu Arakawa’s Fullmetal Alchemist manga will confirm on Friday that a new television anime series is in the works. A new anime series was a topic of much fan discussion for several months, but it was thrust into a more public spotlight last month when a management document was purportedly leaked from the BONES anime studio. The document listed Fullmetal Alchemist animator Yasuhiro Irie as “Hagane 2 kantoku” (Iron/Fullmetal 2 director)“.

–Source: Anime News Network

I’ve recently picked up the manga of FMA, so news of another anime just excited me about FMA even more! But I wonder if it will continue from where the anime {or the movie} left off, or if it will continue from where the anime drifted from the manga…

Either way, I’m excited to see what it will be about! ^_^

15 thoughts on “New Fullmetal Alchemist Anime

  1. Well, as far as I heard, the ‘new’ FMA will stick to the manga. So I expect some things will be similar to the ‘old’ FMA, up to the point where it deviates and has an original ending. But there can never be too much FMA, so it’s all good :)

  2. Since the day I’ve first heard about the rumors, I was very shocked and hopeful for it to be true. Now recently I’ve heard about the confirmation…And I am the happiest woman alive. :)

  3. Uh, I REALLLLLYY hope they stick with the manga. Minor changes if they feel like it, but not too many.

    Anime failed in my opinion, movie especially. Plot wise, animation was great, but was anyone else REALLY confused at the end?

  4. Man, if this sticks to the manga, then then then, OMG EDxWinry mania, cuz they will end up together in the manga. So to all the edwin fans out there who were disappointed in the anime and the movie(a hug was all we got) there will be redemption, OH YEAH!!! in yo face edxrose fans, in yo face.

  5. Great googly moogly! I’ve always hope that this day would come! (T.T) For so long I’ve wanted an FMA anime that stayed true to the manga – I’m so happy that I think I’m going to Cry…DON’T LOOK AT ME!

    and lol, if you thought evangelion ending was confusing, watch Akira – a huge WTF bomb was landed by the end of that movie XD

  6. this new more-manga-based FMA anime sounds cool! i hope the characters from the manga that we didn’t see in the previous anime are included this time. i’ve always wondered what sort of voice acting ling and may would have =O

  7. i sure hope that it it a continuation from the manga though it may be hard to do so as the anime kinda strayed FAR away from the storyline in the manga. But i’ld be happy either way. Roy looks hotter in the new anime.
    FYI, u dont know me. I’m just wondering around looking for infos on the new fma anime.

  8. YUS! When I watched the anime I was really dissapoined with the ending, it seemed rushed as some things were left un-explained. After that I decided to read the manga and I was amazed at how much better it is than the anime(I LOVED the anime just not the ending). After reading all of the available chapters of the manga I was annoyed over how much they changed in the anime(why did they leave Ling out?). I am SO happy about them making a new anime ^_^

  9. i loved the anime! i collected each volume one by one but i never read any of the manga until after the series so now i know how the story line kinda went the other way after ed and al met greed and when dante came to the picture

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