Special A – It just keeps getting better

Lone gone are those Hikari X Kei episodes where Hikari is her block-headed self and doesn’t realize why Kei does what he does. And in replacement, are these great episodes finally touching on the other characters. First it was Yahiro and his bastardness, then the introduction of Sakura and Jun’s other self, and then Akira and Tadashi’s relationship! All have been pretty good so far.


And now we dive into Megumi a little, who “sacrificed” herself to protect Akira and Tadashi’s relationship from Yahiro. Of course, no one knows why Yahiro did all those bad stuff, so Megumi wanted to date him in order to keep him off Akira, and soon learns of Yahiro’s nature and how everyone misunderstood him, hinting that she is falling for him! ^_^ Didn’t think it’ll come to that.

Everyone seems to be coupling up…and it seems Ryuu is the only one left. He’s probably having an orgy over at his zoo! jk ;) With about 5 episodes left, I don’t think he’ll have someone to couple up with, though I do want to see more of his background!

Also, Hikari needs to get sick more often!! Kei’s reactions are priceless!

2 thoughts on “Special A – It just keeps getting better

  1. I kinda agree that SA has gotten really better these past few weeks. It’s sad that it will end with Ryuu not having a partner hence at the start, he has a threesome :P…

    The anime would probably get its own ending and I don’t know if this would be getting a sequel since Gonzo is at the brink of bankruptcy XDD but I hope it would have a sequel!

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