Code Geass R2 – I should be happy about Rolo’s death but…

I obviously am not. The way he went wasn’t…how should I say…satisfying enough. I mean, HE’S THE FREAKIN’ BASTARD THAT KILLED SHIRLEY!! HE DESERVED A WORSE DEATH THAN WHAT HE GOT!!! >_<

He won’t get a screencap from me!

Lelouch, who would usually play the bad guy, for some reason decided to be the good guy and gives Rolo and “honorable” death. Of course, he was completely lying when he said he liked him {maybe}, but the fact that Rolo went off happy was what displeased me.

And I know I should feel sorry for him for being used by everyone…he’s just a tool…in every definition of the word…but I just can’t. He kept saying how he was always alone and with no ‘family’, but when the Black Knights attack that one underground place, those little kids with geass called him “Rolo-onii-chan”…so what’s he so emo about?

*sigh* Well at least his death gave Lelouch another reason for being…that is, to take Emperor Wakamoto {Charles} down to hell with him.

Also, Suzuaku finally snapped!! ^_^

15 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 – I should be happy about Rolo’s death but…

  1. Well… Rolo redeemed himself a little in my view. He did sacrifice himself, and I actually preferred him to die that way instead of him being killed much like the other guys were in an “uneventful” way e.g. blown out of the sky by enemy fire during battle etc. Truth to be told, I don’t feel sorry for him because of all the horrible things he did in the past, but at least I don’t hate him as much as I used to when he killed Shirley. Maybe that’s because he accomplished something for Lelouch in the end, and allowed the latter to move on with his plan to take Wakamoto the Emperor down. Erm… Yeah, Rolo could have gotten to where he wanted to with his limbs torn off, profusely bleeding, and finally dying after helping Lelouch if that’s what you meant by a worse death. ;)

    Apart from that, I’m still in great denial over what Sunrise officially published, though it looks like we have no choice but to accept. Sigh… Maybe I’ll go sob in a dark corner. :'(

  2. I wasn’t expecting limbs coming off nor him exploding to bits, but something along the line of finally realizing {while dying} that Lelouch doesn’t really like him…that is far worse {for him} than being blown to bits.

    And who knows, maybe Sunrise published that to keep us from coming up with some crazy theories about the bomb! ^_^’ <– In complete Denial…

  3. Ooh yes! I completely forgot that emotional harm is far worse than physical harm! :D

    Man… I really hope Sunrise is publishing that info to shroud everything in mystery. I’m pretty sure FLEIJA does what it’s supposed to do that is, nuke everything within the domain of its radius. Nina did somewhat confirm that it can destroy/kill (somebody please nuke her instead ==||). Then again, I’m still hoping for an “impossible” miracle to happen *complete denial denial denial*

  4. I have a mixed feelings about rolo’s death. i know i should be happy but i just can’t. the way he died completely redeemed himself of all the things he did. In the end, he is just a younger brother trying to protect the person he loved. His brother, lelouch lamperouge, not Lelouch Vi Britannia

  5. The reason why Rolo’s death sort of upset me was because he killed himself. He knew he was dying, but he saved Lelouch anyway. As for Shirley, she was simply killed in the midst of wanting to help Lelouch and Rolo pretty much killed her because he was jealous. Rolo didn’t really deserve the death he got, he left the world the world happily, which is wrong! :)

  6. You’re kidding right? <- referring to the stuff Sunrise publicized.

    To me, Rolo’s death was pretty sad, I guess he’s finally “free” from being a tool.

  7. i saw suzaku turnring batshit insane since last week when he fired FLIEA or whatever the hell they call it. rollo’s redemption -> not enough.

  8. rolo’s death was very sad!! I can’t believe you people, he was my favorite character from the start of season 2 of Code Geass! when he killed shirley i was sad, but i understood why he did it. he never needed redemption, he was good from the moment Lelouch said he was his brother (even though that was a cruel lie). i cried a lot when he died…so sad…

  9. acutally the whole point of his death is to prove that he is not just a tool. he says it himself that he is tired of being a tool and doesn’t know what is real and what is not and they only time he felt real was with lelouch. he begs lelouch to please not deny that one real thing from him. One of the big themes in Code Geass is lying itself and Lelouch is a grade A class liar. Im not sure myself whether lelouch actually considered him his brother for real or not but at least he cared enough in the end to say to Rollo that he was thereby letting him die happily. If lelouch wanted to be mean he could have denied him that. I personally dont think that anyone can forgive Rollo for killing Shirly, Lelouch’s true love, but lets not forget Lelouch did EXACTLY the same thing to poor Suzaku and Euphemia. its sad that both Lelouch and Suzaku have their loves killed. But what Rolos death did do is give Lelouch another reason to keep going even though his sister was presumed dead. Lelouch should have the worst death of all of them for all the evil acts he commited and like all legendary heroes such as in greek myths should die a horrible death. The only reason you are mad at Rolo is because he killed Shirly which Lelouch didnt deserve anyway. Shirly was only too good and pure of a girl for Lelouch and he didnt deserve the love she had for him.

  10. I can’t believe you people!! Rolo is my favorite charcter in season 2 of code geass and mainly the whole show. He is so sweet and kind. You know how he said he is always a tool, well maybe someone was using him at the time and told him to kill Shirely. Rolo is not the kind of person to kill someone that close to Lelouch.

  11. I tottaly hate people that hate Rolo!! Why would you hate him, he did kill Shirely but I think he wouldn’t someone that close to Lelouch. Someone just might have been using him and told him to kill Shirely, but when he died you should think that he is at least a little nicer to him. After he died he was at least he was free from being a tool and at least you should be happy that he is no longer a tool.

    • Don’t be retarded. He did it as soon as she mentioned wanting to help Lulu and Nunally, not when she had her trigger on the gun. She had put the gun on ‘safe’ and admitted her desire to join and help, and he gutted her mercilessly out of jealousy. Otherwise, why would he have stabbed her in the stomach, the place where it’s impossible to recover from yet you bleed out so fucking slowly.

      Don’t forget, he was also going to kill Nunnally, saying, “For Onee-sama’s family…. I’m enough. Nunnally….. I’m coming. To kill you.”

  12. Ok, so before you read this you should know that there’s a great chance you won’t make it till the end. And you might be offended. So…

    Recently, while reading an old anime magazine, I fell in love with the code geass series and watched it all over again. Personally, I would say that Rolo’s one of my favorite characters, and I’m not going to say that he deserved a worse death. Some people feel sorry for Lelouch because all he wanted was a better world for Nunally but he ends up hurting (and killing) many innocent people. Rolo, on the other hand, doesn’t even know what family means. No one ever told him the definition. And I admit, I was furious when he killed Shirley. It wasn’t the right thing to do. And he shouldn’t have killed those little kids either, because everyone is unique in a different way and has the same rights as he. But was he ever taught to know these things? I really don’t think so. When he was with V.V, he played the role of an assassin and certainly wouldn’t care about how precious other people’s lives are. Even Lelouch didn’t bother telling him that, so how should he know? Without knowing all this, he would never ever regard other people’s lives with proper respect and would always be that innocent little boy with blood in his hands, not realizing his sins. He would still smile sweetly at people with his blade tores their hearts apart. And also, a lot pf people tend to defend Lelouch when Euphy died (mostly because they didn’t like her) but cussed rolo hard when Shriley died. Why is that? Whatever Euphy did or said prevented Lelouch from achieving what he wanted so he killed her (even though it could count as an act of innocence since Lelouch didn’t expect the outcome). On the other hand, Shirley died of the same reason. In a way, she prevented Rolo from getting what he wanted. And because he didn’t know how precious the meaning of life, he killed her (an act of innocence). So why all the cussing? Or is it just because of the fact that he replaced Nunally? I think that if Rolo had had a normal family, he would probably resemble Nunally in some ways (that’s just me). And yes, I did feel sorry for Rolo when he died, not really because of what he said in the Shinkiro, but what he said to Lelouch in the end. When he confessed that he was always a tool, it was sad, but what struke me was that he tried to comfort Lelouch before he dies. Because he already confessed that he knew he was being used by Lelouch, there was no point in asking him if what he said were lies, he already knew the truth. So whatever he said to Lelouch was an attempt to comfort his ‘older broher’ (at least this was one of his goals, I think). So the way Lelouch reacted should be just right (it would be really wrong if he played the bad guy). To say the truth, if Lelouch really acted as a bad guy before Rolo died, the emotions in this episode would really twist and I bet people would freak out. Except the ones who wanted to see Rolo getting tortured to death BAD (from physically to psychologically) which really don’t exist (I hope). If that really happened, this wouldn’t be code geass. And also, the fact that Rolo died so dramatically is because his death has to put Lelouch back on his track, to get the old Lelouch back again. The stronger the power you have, the more responsibility you have, and killing yourself doesn’t solve the problem, it would just put the world in a worse state. If you look at it this way (because Lelouch confessed he was tired to Suzaku in one of the episodes, I don’t remember which) Rolo’s death was necessary, and it necessarily has to be dramatical and emotioal and not bloody and full of hate. I think the main point of his death is not to prove that he’s not a tool anymore, because he will always be a tool as long as he does not know the real value of life, but the get the story back on track, to get our so called ‘hero’, Lelouch, back to his plans and finally creating world peace (yeah, that sort of old, original stuff). At last, I would like to say that I absolutely hate the black knights! Why are they blaming Lelouch for everything? Didn’t they use him too while they were trying to convince hundreds of normal 11s people to join the war (and to risk their lives)? So why should they be innocent? Either they’re selfish and not loyal enough or they’re just plain stupid. Zero did so much for the 11s and a little meeting with Lelouch’s brother turns (I don’t know how to spell the name, sorry) Zero into a common enemy?! How ridiculous.

    In the end, I would actually like to say “sorry”, because I might have offended some people, but I really don’t mean to. It’s just my messy, personal opinions. And sorry for bad structure, I haven’t practiced English in a long, long time.

    And also thanks to whoever that read this till the end~ ^_^

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