Nogizaka Haruka goes to Comiket

and once again finds out what “doujinshi” REALLY is!! ^_^

Leave it to yaoi Inukami! to stain her innocence even more!

I was actually waiting for that scene to happen. They have shown a similar thing over at the Akihabara date, but this episode would’ve felt empty without it. It’s just funny seeing their innocence being defiled by their own ignorance! ^_^

As for the maids and loli, they’re to their usual ‘working behind the shadows’ bit:


Pirupirupirupipirupi! -10 for no club…+50 for chainsaw!!! ^_^

This was yet another episode of Yuuto and Haruka falling in love. The same thing we’ve seen the first four episode…it’s a fine and good, but I need some other type development…luckily, it seem I’ll get that development as Haruka was being spied on by some dude in sun glasses. And at the end, Mika asked Yuuto if he has seen that exact type of guy, which may be related to Haruka appearing at his door, crying. Dum dum duuum!

FINAL NOTE: That bastard line-cutter got just what he deserves!

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