MAL Updater

So browsing around the internet and other people’s blog, someway or another, I ended up at I haven’t been on this site probably since two seasons ago, so while I was there I decided to update my list because, well, I was bored! ^_^ And after two hours, I’ve updated my Anime and Manga List and also my friendless profile.

So I was there bored yet again, so I just decided to click around and ended up at the FAQ section, where I found an interesting program…MAL Updater.

I, of course, choose the Komaki Manaka theme!!! ^_^

It does the exact same thing Audio Scrobbler {} does for your music…but this program is for the anime you watch!! And you know, for lazy ass people like me who won’t bother to update their list…this program rocks!!!

All one has to do is install it, set it up to always run in the background {like my thingy} and forget about it. It does a pretty nice job at figuring out what you’re watching and updating it to your anime list. It also has some chat feature where you can chat with people who are watching the episode at the same time you are…I didn’t try it out, but that’s sound like a pretty nice implementation!

It has other things like letting you know when new episodes are out and what seems like an internal torrent program…didn’t try it out, but I think it opens up your torrent program installed on your computer.

Although the novelty of themes dies in less than a day and it won’t recognize any anime that’s not on your list already, the program itself is pretty nice. If you have a MAL account and are tired of updating it manually, give this a try…

I may be speaking to myself here since maybe everyone already knows about it…”’orz

4 thoughts on “MAL Updater

  1. I’m too lazy to even log into MAL, not to mention update anything. I’ll just continue to update the “List” that’s on my blog since it’s already more up to date as compared to MAL. XD

  2. @bluemist: You can only edit what you’re watching. If you need to add a new anime, you’ll still have to go to the site and add it manually.

    @Hynavian: Yeah, that was pretty much the reason why I didn’t log into it that much.

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