ToHeart2: ad – Not enough Manaka…

but more than enough high-strung tsundere and self proclaimed rival Yuma! ^_^


Well, even though she’s the tsundere type…I’m not really a fan of Tonami Yuma…>_> It’s her self proclaimed rivalry and hard headed part. But in this episode, she starts to sorta understand why she’s so jittery about Takaaki!! She went as far as trying to kiss him…people gotta stop waking up just before the kiss!! >_<

And on the entertainment level, nothing beats a girl with 0% Alcohol tolerance drinking amazake!


And lets not forget lovely Manaka! Here’s a lovely shot of her!

Om nom nom nom~! kawaii~(=_=)~♥

Also, do they keep adding characters? I don’t remember a Kasukabe being in the first OVA…probably my memory just sucks…>_>

3 thoughts on “ToHeart2: ad – Not enough Manaka…

  1. Kasukabe is mostly there as a cameo in the TV series and some OVA eps, especially the bonus clips at the end.

    Haven’t watched this yet, my TH2 lovin is at an all-time low. I find the series and OVAs boring so far.

  2. I personally haven’t seen this yet but it looks like fun. I love anime that you can just tell what kind it’s going to be through several simple pictures.

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