Code Geass R2 – No faukin Wai!!


FREYA has been used! O_O And with it goes a beloved character of the series, Lelouch’s sole reason of being, yup, that’s right…Nunally!!



OMFGWTF!! I mean, I can understand killing off Shirley, but Nunally? She’s the only thing that drives Lelouch and the reason why he’ll go so far, and seeing that she’s gone now…probably, you never know…what the hell is gonna drive Lelouch now!?

We can guess how Lelouch and Suzaku will take it. Suzuku fired the nuke, thanks to his “Live On” geass, so he’ll be all emo and blame Lelouch for it. Lelouch of course will be all emo and will lose all his will, and he’ll blame Suzaku for firing the nuke…

Not expecting much from next episode since it’s gonna be the emo episode I guess…>_> But dammit I’m yet again left hanging on that damn cliff wanting MOAR!! >_<

4 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 – No faukin Wai!!

  1. I’m praying for a miracle to happen in the form of Supermeido or supernatural teleportation. I know the word “logic” doesn’t exist in Sunrise’s vocab but I don’t think the staffers are crazy enough to remove Nunnally. Even though Lelouch is the protagonist of the series, Nunnally has a more important role than him. Ridding the very reason for the whole show would be a bit too much. Well, if she really did bite the dust then er…the finale is pretty much screwed in a non-satisfying sense.

  2. @Keiri: Seeing as there’s no rubble in the aftermath of the blast…they probably got transported somewhere…at least, that’s what the majority thinks! Even though IT WAS A FREAKIN’ NUKE, according to Sunrise, no corpse, no dead character…>_>

    @The Sojourner: LOL! Thanks! ^_^ I made it because I currently read some Kobato chapters.

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