RenAi Blogger – Hinano’s definition of big is my definition of normal!


So I got me a copy of the visual novel like game RenAi Blogger by Hinano. It’s basically just like a visual novel, where you click, read, make a choice, click some more, read some more, reach a dead end, get pissed, re-start, and click some more, but the cast is full of female bloggers from around the blogosphere. I may not know all of them, though I do lurk Hinano’s and CJ’s blog ’cause I’m shy, but it seemed interesting so I decided to give it a try.

Since my ISP as been having some problems, where it just disconnects randomly during the day and completely works at night, I played this while I had no internet…and if I haz no internet, I haz boredom. And boy was this a great thing to pass the time with! Seriously, even after I got the internet back, I just went ahead and decided to continue to play the game and get all the CGs! ^_^

Out of all the girls, my favorite was CJ Blackwing’s route, not because it was the easiest, but because it made laugh the most. It was sweet and normal and felt more ‘realistic’ since she’s in you’re class and you have a higher chance of getting to know her. I’ll call her the Nagisa of this game since you can’t help but just go for her…Aw crap, I’m sounding really creepy right now… >_>

Even CJ’s bad end was worth it! Getting beaten by the YAOI paddle is something we all secretly want but say we don’t! Plus, she cosplayed as Nanoha and did the Carameldansen {in my imagination} which literally made me laugh out loud when I heard the music! And yes…I was tempted to do it, but seeing as I have no rhythm an I wasn’t alone in the room…I stuck to laughing out loud and making them wonder the hell’s wrong with me.

Megane moe – Check! | Ponytail moe – Check! | Nanoha moe – CHECK!! | CJ FTW!

(¬_¬)t *That Guy*

*Requests a Fate cosplaying and genderbended Chase! | She likes yaoi and I yuri…>_>

If you’re a bit bored and want something to pass the time with, give RenAi a go. It’s a really nice short game to spend some time with and has all the moe you need. You can literally get all the routes between the hour and if you’re the weird trap liking guy…you’ll spend more hours trying to find Impz’s route…is there even one?? >_<

And just a tip for you loli loving guys out there…including me…don’t advance too fast on the loli!!!! >_< Mommy gets mad and calls the cops on you… >_>

Not only did I lose the loli…I also got sent to a psychiatric clinic! Damn trap…”’orz

If this was made by Hinano herself, by herself, then I really gotta give her some praise for making a game like this with funny dialogue, good soundtrack, and nice artwork. Really nicely done Hinano!! d(^_^)b

7 thoughts on “RenAi Blogger – Hinano’s definition of big is my definition of normal!

  1. Wha — YAOI PADDLE ENDING? Psychiatric ward ending?! I hadn’t reached those yet, lmao ^_^; I got Hinano’s ‘nice boat’ ending the first time I played through her story, and that was … er, pretty epic ^___^

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  3. @issa-sa: Why do you get the cops for being nice? If I’m gonna go to jail at least let me do something!!!! >_<

    @xephyre & omisyth: Everyone like them traps! ;)

    @CJ Blackwing: I hoped for “Nice Boat” CG… >_>

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that the Nanoha uniform there looks like the flight academy’s in Macross Frontier, and that ponytail reminds me of Alto-hime?

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