Strike Witches – Miyafuji Suddely Jumps up the List

I can’t quite put my finger on it…but for some reason, Miyafuji jumped up the favorite list…






I wonder why… O_o

Also, extra points to loli Francesca for using her uber leet mechanical skill and fixing Charlie’s Striker Unit! ^_^ Speed queen will now attempt to break Mach 2…she’ll probably come back boob-less after that one! ^_^’ Miyafuji won’t like that…>_>

6 thoughts on “Strike Witches – Miyafuji Suddely Jumps up the List

  1. Ah, we get to see the pervertedness of Yoshika in this episode. She suddenly loves b00bs and thinks of it more than ever. I was shocked when the Striker Unit broke into bits when Lucchini accidentally hit it to the ground. Are those machines so unreliable to begin with? XD

  2. I wanna know what her dream was actually about since my version is a lot more, um, explicit than what a 14 year can come up with…>_>

    @Hynavian: Maybe they’re fragile when there’s no magic being pumped into it…

  3. You should have shown the short of her smiling as she’s about to go for Lynne’s breasts. That was hilarious.

    Though totally out of character, which was seriously strange.

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