Shugo Chara! – Samurai and Season 2

First, THIS is what a MALE Chara Nari is supposed to be…Tadase I’m looking at you! Though, that vail is pretty gay…>_> And Second, Shugo Chara! gets a new season! Well, it says “Announcement to be reportedly made”, so I don’t know if it’s actually confirmed to be green lit for production. But more Shugo […]

So that’s who Lillia is!!!

Since episode one, I have always wondered who the heck Lillia was. And for a while, I actually thought the “treasure” of the first arc was Lillia. Code name or something…but after that arc ended, I still wondered who Lillia was and soon just stopped caring, I just watched the anime as it went by. […]

To-LOVE-RU – Run-chan a Trap?

Weird question that came to mind while watching episode 16. We all know what a trap is right? A trap is a cross-dressing guy that you don’t know it’s a guy unless stated…or in the bad sense, shown. And well, we know Ren is a guy…and a girl {Run-chan} depending on which transformation s/he’s at. […]

Strike Witches – Censored Pantsu?

As you can see by the screenshot above, Gonzo is not shy at showing us some pantsu. Hell, you see them in every other scene, and it’s the anime’s whole selling point…well, at least to me. I couldn’t careless about the big guns, air planes, or aliens, you can say those are extras, ’cause it’s […]

Aoi Destruction

I don’t really write much about manga here…I mainly watch anime, but after searching for a manga that Hynavian recommended {which is Change 123}, I came upon this manga called “Aoi Destruction”. It’s not actually a ‘manga’, but a collection of short, yet funny and highly entertaining, stories by Kazurou Inoue of “Midori no Hibi” […]