Allison & Lillia – Smooth Transition

Because someone likes the eye-catch! ^_^

It was smooth sailing jumping into the second half of the Allison & Lillia anime! I was ready to sit back and watch a long introduction episode. But I didn’t need to do that, seeing as both Lillia and Treize’s character types have already been set by their parents! ^_^

Treize got the better parts of both male character from the past arc. He has that chivalrous spirit that Benedict has, and the shooting skills of Wil, and not his blockheaded-ness. Lillia, well, she’s a direct copy of Allison…which gets no complains from me!

What I find funny is that the tables have been turned. Meaning that in the past arc, Allison made all the moves to blockheaded Wil, but in this arc, Treize steps up and makes all the moves! He even voices his opinions to impulsive Lillia even if it means she’ll get mad at him! +10 Cool point for Treize!

And last but not least, we get princess Meriel…

Voiced by Chiwa Saito {just had to add that! ^_^ }

Just like Lillia and Treize, her character type has already been set…by her fang!! And if you know fanged characters, they’re more likely to say what they want and just go with the flow! Also, she’s not the princess-y type, as she was fixing an airplane and was covered in oil. Characters this time around are doing what they want.

And to end this post, I give you this awesome image from the ED:

/me Requests Wallpaper.

4 thoughts on “Allison & Lillia – Smooth Transition

  1. I was hoping Lillia would be a bit different from Allison. It’s understandable that they’re similar, but she’s almost like a carbon copy. I was hoping for maybe Allison’s adventurous side, mixed with some of her father’s sensibility, but instead Teize got it instead.

  2. Well Lillia’ not as straightforward as Allison, but they have alot of similarities. xD

    Wil looks awesome though. Benedict just looks like a hippie. xD

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