Nanoha the Movie Announced!


Anime News Network Says:

The 100th issue (on sale on July 30) of Gakken’s Magami Magazine will announce that a Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha film, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st, will open in Japan this winter. The movie will retell the first story of Nanoha Takamachi, an ordinary third-grade girl who becomes a magical girl in search of Jewel Seeds from another world, and Fate Testarossa, another magical girl competing for the Jewel Seeds. Franchise creator Masaki Tsuzuki emphasized that the movie is not necessarily the “true history” of the story, but a “new parallel history.”

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!! O_O I just creamed my pants…excitement level exceeding maximum capacity!! Oooh I’m so excited for this!

Nanoha has been one of my favorite franchises, I can honestly tell you I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve re-watched all three seasons. And I would welcome any new Nanoha coming my way.

But, like I mentioned in Tea Shop Beloved, the “new parallel history” parts gets me down a bit. They emphasized that it will be “Fate’s first story”, which could possibly mean they will shine more light on Project Fate, Alicia, Precia, the Jewel Seeds, or Al Hazard. But if it’s a “new parallel history”, does that mean the event that could possibly be revealed will not be part of real Nanoha history?

Well, it wouldn’t really matter as much because…well…THIS IS NANOHA!! ^_^

Ah, one more thing, apparently Bardiche will have a female voice actress… hmmm …deftoned might not like this…>_>

8 thoughts on “Nanoha the Movie Announced!

  1. I still get excited everytime I see a new post on this. Nanoha movie~! I look forward to even more epic-er loli kick-ass action. Because it’s a movie!!!

    Too bad I’ll have to wait for the DVD. Even if it shows up online before then, I’m not watching it. I want my wonderful move-quality to be movie-quality!!!

    But yeah…still excited as heck for this. At the very least, I’m one of the most excited girls!

  2. “Yes, Sir” from a female… we’ll see what becomes of that.

    As alternate re-tellings go, they didn’t hurt for Do You Remember Love or with the first Shana movie, because they’re usually telling the same story from a different angle. I am just hoping for more to be said about Project Fate… which is what I had hoped StrikerS would touch upon, but never did fully.

  3. I just hope the VA change for Bardiche is a just a rumour.
    “Yes, Sir” or “Explosion” from a female voice is just… not quite right. :S

    But I’m still looking forward to the release, even with the changes that I don’t like. ;)

  4. Bah, Nanoha’s too big for me too get into now. And now I can look forward to a bunch of people raving about the movie in the upcoming months. Yay -_-

  5. @omisyth: Instead of writing it off because a bunch of people are interested in it, how about watching it and making a decision for yourself. If anything, the movie should be something accessible for people who never watched the series and want a Cliff Notes version.

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