Strike Witches – Another reason to like Francesca


My fascination with Francesca just keeps rising! First, it was for striped pantsu, then because of her boob grabbing, and now, because I just heard a bit more out of her and got to listen more from her seiyuu!! Even if it was “Okawari hayaku~!” {Also, did I mentioned the loli aspect of her? No? Well, add that to the list!! ^_^ }

Like many other anime, I didn’t gather information in hopes that things will get me by surprise…but after reading that Character Guide, I got a nice little surprise after reading about Francesca’s seiyuu. Her seiyuu is another seiyuu who I have taken a liking too, and that seiyuu is Saito Chiwa!! Like Tamura Yukari, she puts lots of emotion in her voice and leaves and impression in important or touching scenes.

One that I remember clearly is from the epic episode of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StikerS. Man I swear, when I think of StrikerS, Subaru, or Saito Chiwa, I remember episode 17 and the desperate scream of Subaru calling out to her sister. Truly a great moment. I’m looking forward to hear what kind of voice she’ll be using, ’cause her childish voice {Rebecca, Anita} are great too!! ^_^

SIDE NOTE: Hmmm, I’m a bit confused. A certain White Devil Mahou Shoujo taught me that the way to make friends is by beating the crap out of them. But yet, Miyafuji, another Mahou Shoujo, made TWO friends this episode (4) and she didn’t have to beat the crap out no one…

I’m getting mixed messages here… -_-‘

3 thoughts on “Strike Witches – Another reason to like Francesca

  1. Francesca never fails to make me laugh, especially when she tag teams with Charlotte to create havoc in camp. After viewing their data, I think Charlotte is having a hard time baby sitting Francesca (Charlotte being older and higher in rank) but she’s enjoying herself too. We have to stay tune for the next episode, it’s their episode!

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