Special A – Bastard Yahiro is a good guy…


Another case of “I’ll become the bad guy if it’s to protect her” kind of revelation. It actually made me think that it would have been better {for the anime} if he was a real bad guy and not a nice guy who can’t show his feelings correctly. But I guess this is ‘easier’ to resolve if Akira learns the truth…which I’m waiting for! ^_^ Also, it has the possibility of a Tadase X Yahiro X Akira love triangle!!! ^_^

*Sigh* Why is it that I like love triangles so much and expect it in most anime? ”’orz

And Akira, she has jumped up the cool scale for stepping up and finally facing Yahiro and being nice to masochist Tadashi! That guy always cracks me up. This was a nice little arc of Yahiro and Akira’s past history, and next episode we get to see more knuckle headed Hikari and more annoyed Kei…plus a new character.

SIDE NOTE: I would have forgotten all about Hikari if Akira didn’t mention her at the end of the episode!! ^_^’

6 thoughts on “Special A – Bastard Yahiro is a good guy…

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  2. weee,yahiro and megumi^^XD!!

    nice couple!!


    yahiro isnt really that bad,he’s doing such a thing to protect akira(protecting too much!?)XD!

    • Right..i’m really into YAHIRO SAIGA and AKIRA TOUDOU..and im’ a little bit (not little but) REALLY DISAPPOINTED that they didn’t become together..because i can tell that yahiro really have a BIG chance for akira only if he become more faster.or he better show or make akira feel that akira is really important to him…something like that..well..hm…
      i almost came to the point, just to satisfy myself..i made my own story about akira and yahiro..(hehe..i juz wanna share..XD)

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