So that’s who Lillia is!!!


Since episode one, I have always wondered who the heck Lillia was. And for a while, I actually thought the “treasure” of the first arc was Lillia. Code name or something…but after that arc ended, I still wondered who Lillia was and soon just stopped caring, I just watched the anime as it went by. Then came episode 13 and suddenly I get the bombshell! O_O

I should’ve seen it coming…Lillia is the person who will take over the second half of the anime, and the daughter of Wil and Allison!! ^_^

*sigh* I’m really slow…>_>

5 thoughts on “So that’s who Lillia is!!!

  1. Don’t worry, I didn’t have any idea who she was either until I finally saw the episode… I hope the second half ends up being good and I also Really hope Lillia isn’t an annoying character! x)

  2. Yep. I knew who she was for awhile (thank you Wiki), but it’s going to be an adjustment switching from Allison and crew to Lilia and crew.

    I have a whole Allison & Lilia post waiting to get uploaded. I actually like this series a lot more than everything else at the moment because it’s straightforward and doesn’t inundate you with gimmicks and filler–it just tells story. Macross and Hidarmari Sketch are probably the only ones ahead on the list.

  3. @lostty: It seems she’ll be the same as Allison, even stealing the Seiyuu!! ^_^

    @deftoned: I tend not to go into Wikipedia while an anime is running ’cause I always end up spoiling myself…>_>

  4. I’m actually really glad the show didn’t receive enough attention for people to run about screaming spoilers a la Code Geass since Lillia is really a pleasant surprise in the story. Then again, this show really could use a bit more attention -_-“

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