Code Geass R2 – OMFGWTF!!


Holy cr@p! Lots to take in this episode, and after the usual cliff-hanger I expected no less. This episode we get treated to C.C story and some more information on Geass…of course not everything was explained and leaves some questions floating for future WTF-ness!! ^_^

But what surprised me the most was yet again the end part of the episode. C.C loses her memories and reverts back to the time before she got Geass….OMFGWFT!?! O_O I’m eager to see how Lelouch handles this more innocent and less selfish C.C as she starts to strip down in the preview!

Also, I miss Kallen, she needs to get back in action…

9 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 – OMFGWTF!!

  1. Despite all the stuff that’s happened in this series during the last 3-4 episodes, I’ve lost almost all my interest in it. :/ I seriously feel like I’m watching Gundam Seed Destiny all over again. :(

  2. I’m finding this a dozen times more interesting AND entertaining than Gundam Seed Destiny, or what I’ve spoiled myself about it since I never picked that show up in the first place, but your mileage may vary…

  3. Don´t watch Gundam Seed Destiny, no Geass, no thoughts but only a damn emo kid crying and going berserk and recaps all over the damn season.

    The I think it is 5 last eps sums the show up pretty well. Watch those and try and guess the rest…

    For CGR2 15, kinda good ep. So now CC is the new fanservice girl for CG? More than ever before oh my GOD!

    Where will this end? Hopefully someplace good.

    What this feels more like is Gundam 00. Dumb freaking gay kids, unprovocated and unnatural deaths that strikes like lightning and more shit.

    But hey, it´s Sunrise so that explains everything.

  4. Wow, negative comments about SEED DESTINY everywhere!! Which makes me that much curious as to how bad it really is…but I’ll take your advice and not watch it. ^_^

  5. Gundam Seed Destiny has the best mecha so far in the Gundam History: Strike-Freedom.

    But other than the new eps it rules, well it´s mainly shit. Emotional kids that blow and so on and on…

    If you like one unit singelhanded destroying(or unarming) a whole armada in mere minutes, the end of Gundam Seed Destiny is for you. Or if you like big brother losing it because they lost their little sister early.

  6. Aside from GSD, this episode was too much! It was so unexpected! Everything is really building up and it’s only a matter of time before we find out how it all falls down; now all we have to hope for is that it has a good ending!

  7. Anybody else think medieval child C.C. is insanely moe? If I had her, I’d probably kill some people just to see her “dispose of bodies”. Maybe not. Although I’d repeatedly tell her to count to thirty and watch when she struggles with the numbers. Oh my.

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