Strike Witches – What’s your Fancy?

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Hynavian asked me which was my favorite pantsu in Strike Witches so far. And if you see any Strike Withes post made made by me…really just two…>_> you’ll notice that I have a fondness for the blue striped panties that loli Francesca is wearing.

But I wanted to check out the rest of the panties and see if my favorite will change. I didn’t want to go back an re-watch the episodes just to get a glimpse…luckily someone made that character Guide up there so I can oogle all I want! ^_^

After slobbering over the top section…I came to a choice of 3. Those are:

3) Wing Commander Minna who has the tinniest of all,
2) Flying Officer Sanya {Perinne too} who has that oujou-sama panty hose, and of course
1) Warret Officer Francesca who has my first choice of striped panties!! ^_^

So really, my choice didn’t change at all… >_> I know how shallow I am for choosing a favorite character based on her panties alone…I just hope she doesn’t turn out to be annoying.

And well since I’m at it…and because I can’t get any shallow-er, I went ahead and chose three favorites from the animal eared section:

3) Flying Officer Perrine and her feisty evil cat ears…the sharp eyes added to the moe!!
2) Flying Lieutenant Charlotte and her sexy bunny ears…bunny=horny, and finally
1) Flying Officer Sanya and her lazy kitty eared look! She’s so cute I decided to end this post with an image of her!! ^_^


I don’t know ’bout the guns or airplanes, I just know about panties and animal ears ”’orz…

So, what’s your Fancy?

10 thoughts on “Strike Witches – What’s your Fancy?

  1. 1. I like Francesca’s pantsu as pantsu should be colorful, patterned (eg: Hello Kitty pantsu) or unique. Hers been unique with blue strips.
    2. Runner up would be Wing Commander Minna-Dietlinde for such a sexy looking pantsu that covers so little skin and it’s uniquely colored. Is this the correct behavior of a commander, to put on such sexy pantsu!?!?
    3. Third place would go to Flying Lieutenant Charlotte for her plain but colored pantsu.

    PS: Omg, I can’t believe that I actually stared at the pantsu chart and came up with a top 3. XD It was fun. ^_____^

    As for ears,
    1. Erica Hartmann for her most non-obvious ear. (I’m not a fan of weird ears or tails coming out of bodies)
    2. Wing Commander Minna-Dietlinde; just like her look in it.
    3. Sergeant Yoshika Miyafuji; got used to her ear image since she always appear with them.


    Edited by 53RG10: I don’t know if you actually meant to put the voice actress name in #2 for both choices…but I changed it to the character’s name.

  2. Ah yes, thanks for editing. (:

    I’m still having difficulties grasping their names. The only three that I can remember are Yoshika, Sakamoto and Shirley. The others are like way off my radar.

  3. @Hynavian: Make that TWO whose names you can remember…there isn’t a character named Shirley in Strike Witches! ^_^’ You must have meant Charlotte!

    @teshien: Yes, it must be the “cat stuff” and not the boob grabbing nor the pantsu showing! ^_^

  4. I think Charlotte told Yoshika to call her “Shirley” (sounds like Shirley) in episode 3 during the self introduction session.

    However, there’s hope for me! I’ll try to learn their names along the way since it’s only 3 episodes so far. I should be able to remember them all at the end of this season. (:

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  6. Isn’t it Charlie, short for Charlotte? Not Shirley… I think they’d pronounce it the same. Anyway.

    For me, the panties:
    1) Two-way tie between Yoshika and Mio; sukumizu is awwwright.
    2) Gertrude. Plain lowleg panties are sweet.
    3) Fransesca, maybe? Zuibun maniakkuna pantsu da ga ne.

    For generally looking the best from any other angle than below:
    1) Erica. Hot damn. Nazi lolis. You can blitz me any day.
    2) Sanya. Oh yeah. Mm hmm. Russian lolis. O-tonari-san da ne?
    3) Minna Dietlinde. Hmm. I may have a thing for reliable onee-san types as well.

    As a Finnish patriot, I sure hope Eila steps up her game soon. We don’t get enough representation! Last time was Yin in Darker than Black, and before that… Well, Katri, the Girl of the Meadows in the 80’s? Oi, anime gyoukai! Orera deban nasasugi dewa nai ka!

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