To-LOVE-RU – Run-chan a Trap?


Weird question that came to mind while watching episode 16. We all know what a trap is right? A trap is a cross-dressing guy that you don’t know it’s a guy unless stated…or in the bad sense, shown. And well, we know Ren is a guy…and a girl {Run-chan} depending on which transformation s/he’s at. But when s/he’s in the female form…is s/he a trap?

When s/he’s a female…s/he’s ALL female. Meaning the extra package a trap carries around is not there…so, um, can we call Run-chan a trap? O_o


*sigh* I just fried my brain… >_> To get it working again, and to forget this trap thing…how about some Yui logic?

Yui: Why is Yuuki-kun the only guy here among a group of girls?

Ah, Yui, you’re not just good looks…you have smarts!

By the way, I got some good laughs outta this pool and Run-chan serviced episode! ^_^


EXTRA FINAL NOTE THAT MEANS NOTHING: I don’t know why I keep typing “Runa-chan” instead of “Run-chan”… >_>


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