Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo 01 & 02


I’m not really excited about Zero no Tsukaima’s new season…and I’ve said that many times already. That’s why it took a while before I sat down and watched what has been released. For the most part, it’s been ‘alright’…

First episode gets right to business and continues the ‘celebration’ that the second season left off with! ;) It kinda seem like what second season did. It started out great by continuing the story and having the duo go on a mission…you can see the same pattern here. With Louise dishing out tsuntsun here and deredere there, I couldn’t be happier because that is the main reason why I started to watch it…that and because I might as well follow this ’till the end… ^_^’ I actually looked forward to the second episode.

But as the 2nd episode started, I immediately got discouraged…I recognized that figure and voice, so unconsciously blurted out “Aww, crap not her again…” That’s right, Siesta is back to whore up to Saito and block Louise…boy has she fallen from glory since the first season…>_> But soon she’ll get what Louise is feeling as I see the same thing happening with Tiffania, whose breast are bigger than Siesta’s…which I could care less about…


Nicely put Louise, nicely put! ^_^

Here’s hoping Tiffania isn’t just your walking mass of tits and actually brings something to the story…but then again, this is Zero no Tsukaima so I’m not expecting much…

5 thoughts on “Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo 01 & 02

  1. Tiffania’s great character design and Noto Mamiko’s voice went to waste with those breasts. :/

    Oh well, I’ve invested 2 summers of my life to this franchise, might as well watch another considering that this season so far is pretty boring, save for a few shows. At least Louise has gotten better since the beginning.

  2. PIG DISGUSTING ELF UDDERS! But you’re right, the new season’s has been pretty meh, but really, I’m just in it for the Louise.

  3. I enjoyed the first episode but haven’t caught episode 2 yet. Siesta is really comical, always entering the scene in the wrong time. I wonder when the lovers will make any progress at this rate. (:

  4. @deftoned & Shin: Yeah, I’m in it for the Louise too. She as been showing some growth…character wise!! ^_^ Instead of going all tsuntsun all the time, she as sat down and started to think a bit more.

    @ATKYN: Hmm…he does have the power of Gandalfr (or however you spell it), so if he picks up a wand he might be able to use it…>_>

    @Hynavian: With Siesta, and now Tiffania, around…never!!

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