To-Love-RU – Where’s my mass Chaos?

Guess what happens in episode 15? Lala’s secret is exposed to everyone!! O_O Dum dum duuuum~!!


But it didn’t have the effects I was expecting…

Haruna: Having an alien as a friend is wonderful!

Yui: The reason why you lack common sense is because you’re an alien!

Saki: Now I know the reason why I can’t win against you.

WHAT!? THAT’S IT!? Where’s my mass chaos? Where are the secret government agents!? >_> Buu~ So anti-climatic…>_>

I’m more disappointed at Queen Saki’s comment more than anything. Does that mean Queen Saki will stop ‘challenging’ Lala and she won’t sport those outfits that I loved so much? *sigh* I hope she will still do that Kawasumi Ayako ‘ojou-sama’ laugh of hers…

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