CLANNAD 24 – Another World, Tomoyo Chapter


Tomoyo fans rejoice! Your long anticipated Tomoyo only episode is here! ^_^ And no matter what I say, you will all say it was awesome…but here goes anyways.

In the game, Tomoyo’s arc was one of the better ones {3rd best on my list}, so I was excited a little bit for this episode. But because it was just a single 24 minute episode, things were rushed and not all the scenes had that added emotion you would’ve had if they showed just a tad bit more. The basic premise was there though, and it was a treat seeing it animated, but the only thing that made me feel something was the OP scene. Gawd I missed that song! Well, the Snow Scene was good to, but for someone who played the game, it was a bit watered down…>_>

But in all, I liked this episode, something to feed my CLANNAD need while waiting for the “After Story”.

11 thoughts on “CLANNAD 24 – Another World, Tomoyo Chapter

  1. Yeah, the snow scene was a tad toned down, nevertheless still well done. And anyone else think Tomoya is a bum in this episode? ¬_¬

    Maybe KyoAni made him look cool by mixing and rewriting his role in the Anime.

    Yes! ~After Story~! ~After Story~! Can we get a Kyou OVA too? (Impossible wish)

  2. Well i dont mind the Tomoya x Tomoyo but i was looking forward for the Afterstory. I hope the OVA doesnt go on for too long.

  3. @Keiri: Kyou/Ryou route could very well be a whole season itself! But we’ll never get it…so we can at least wish/hope for a OVA.

    @JC: I wouldn’t mind if the After Story was long. It would just mean that they put in all that is needed and everything would be ‘complete’…unlike this one, that felt rushed and incomplete.

  4. Anyone have an extra big picture of this? This is my favorite clannad picture and it’d be nice to make it my desktop picture.

    Also the snow on this page suits this picture well.

  5. OK, I only heard about the anime from a friend and ended up boring it from him to watch. When I start episode 24 I’m like
    “WTF?! Just last episode Tomoyo finally asks Nagisa out, soo… did they break up in less than a week or something? Oh, nope… there’s the election… again? Did Tomoyo and Suzuhara flunk and need to repeat the year then? And where is everyone else?!”

    REALLY wish it would have had a little blurb about this being an alternate timeline/reality/whatever, instead of leaving me confused and wondering if I missed an episode or what.

    Overall though, good series and while not normally in to these type of games I might just give Clannad a try.

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