Koihime Musou – First Impressions


First, let me say that I don’t know much about The Romance of the Three Kingdom…I have not read nor watched anything about it *gets bricked* oww >__> I deserved that…Also I got nothing from the five episode of Ikkitousen that I watched so long ago…I don’t think I SHOULD learn anything from it…>_> So that means that I do not know how the stories goes nor who is who and the famous names will just go over my head.

And secondly, just like Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, the first episode left me with a good impression for the rest of the anime. Here I was again thinking it was going to be a widely fan serviced anime with all the characters gender-swapped to girls. But it’s actually more humurous than fanservicey…and there’s some great fighting sequences too! Pretty good first episode I gotta say!

Finally, like I previously said, I don’t know anything about Romance of the Three Kingdoms, so if it’s actually doing something widely different and I’m enjoying and praising it…don’t go bashing this ignorant fool! ^_^’

Yay for single fanged loli with a hairclip that mirrors her expression!

3 thoughts on “Koihime Musou – First Impressions

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