13 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Ai-chan!

  1. I have no idea which 2 series the picture mimics. Seems like it touches on genres that I have not watched. One thing for sure, there is no Claymore in it. (:

  2. The answers are:

    Moe-tan – The swimsuit!
    Mahou Shoujo Ai – The name {post title without “-chan”} and the long ribbons! ^_^’

    Alright, this was a failure…”’orz

    @Hynavian: No Claymore? I was sure all that moe-ness was from Claymore!

  3. You forgot to mention Aria in your answers 53rg10, though that’s not who Ai-chan is mimicking. ;)

    @Hynavian & Shin: You’re not missing anything with Mahou Shoujo Ai and Moetan. Mahou Shoujo Ai, I believe is a game, but I’ve heard nearly nothing about it. And Moetan was, for lack of a better phrase, a crappy series and a waste of time. :D I still have no clue how I managed to watch more than half of it O_O

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