Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – First Impression


From the little that I read about Nogizaka {didn’t want to spoil too much}, I was expecting Nogizaka Haruka to be more assertive and act all ojou-sama-ish and force Yuto to do “Otaku” stuff with her…but in actuality, she’s more reserved and less than an ojou-sama than I thought…dojikko moe!!!

Instead of forcing him like I first thought, she asks him in form of a favor…and being the cutie that she is…I’m sure he won’t deny a request from her!! ^_^ Great choice in making Noto Mamiko her seiyuu! d(^_^) No one…NO ONE can resist her!

The episode itself was better than I thought too. Because of the first scene, I was expecting a whole lot more fanservice and excessive pantsu shots…I didn’t realize those were missing until I searched for a screenshot to put up here. ^_^’ Though the generic “No one has called me that before so I’ll become your friend” type of relationship was there, and made me roll my eyes, it was a pretty good first episode that left me with a satisfied feeling. Along with Hidamari Sketch x365, this is a {new} anime I’ll look forward to watching every week.

But of course, that can instantly change…>_>


11 thoughts on “Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – First Impression

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  2. wow, my whole second part got cut off….. O_O

    as for noto mamiko, im glad haruka is getting the voice that is not the stuffy ojousama voice (MariMite, Kimikiss, School Rumble) or the overly shy voice (Negima, Ichigo 100%, Clannd), but some hybrid of the two. i’ll squeal “noto kawaii yo noto” as much as the next fan, but i can get burned out quick on those 2 voices. so thankfully we’re getting something a tad different here.

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