Sekirei – The OTHER Alice Game


Do you wanna see another anime with a “lovable loser” who every other girls happens to fall in love with?


But what about if the girls are super powered beings fighting each other on a game called “The Sekirei Game”?

You got my attention.

Yeah, and the winner gets to becomes Alice ascend!

Woah really!?! I don’t know what that means…but I’ll take the bait!!

Did I mention there’s plenty of fanservice?

Damn…does that mean oppai? >_>


Umm…is there a lot of it?


Hah…I’m slowly letting go of the bait.

Wait wait wait…how about giving it a chance?

C’mon, c’mon…it won’t hurt!

Alright…thought I’m not completely on board with this. >_>

Yeah, so pretty much I tried to convince my “I don’t like oppai fanservice” side to give Sekirei a bit more of a chance. I skipped on “Kanokon” and “Rosario + Vampire” on the first or two episodes and I kept hearing that they were at least decent. This time, I’ll put aside my dislike for huge breasts and see how far I can go into Sekirei.

It’s not like I’m completely forcing myself, I actually want to see moar of this!! ^_^

4 thoughts on “Sekirei – The OTHER Alice Game

  1. Anime Sekirei loses out in fan service (which is a good thing) when pit against R+V and Kanokon. It’s actually good this way since it focuses more on the plot instead.

    PS: I can’t wait for the next episode too. (:

  2. I love Sekirei,Tsukiumi is my favorite,especially the way she goes on about being the “Legal Wife” I wish I could meet a woman so determined,LOL.Yeah,the first time I seen Tsukiumi I fell in love with her…so I really don’t care if it’s another “loser guy that every girl falls for anime’s” as long as I get to see Tsukiumi and the other girls in action…I’m happy.I find myself having nightmares of Tsukiumi saying she will kill me…I wake up so happy,could I be a ashikabi too?

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