Strike Witches – Mecha AND Mahou Shoujo?

Not that I’m complaining…but apparently, you don’t need pants to fight aliens! ^_^

Just like Sky Girls, I watched the preview OVA of this…and just like Sky Girls, the OVA didn’t really entice me to watch the anime. But hell, I just have to give it a try and judge for myself to see if I’ll continue to watch. And long story short, I’ll be sticking with it for a while! ^_^

I gotta give it to Gonzo for baiting me with all these moe elements, from animal eared lolis to mahou shoujos. If anything, I’ll probably watch this anime for the moe factor rather than the story or characters, but like I said, I’ll be sticking with it for a while if see if the story or characters are worth it.

The only thing I didn’t like was their ‘brooms’. Since the OVA, the ‘brooms’ have bothered me. They’re just ugly and look even uglier strapped onto the girls. >_> Give me the Sonic Drivers any day…FYI: I dislike the Sonic Drivers! >_<

At least the magic circle looks awesome!

But not comparable to Nanoha’s!

One thought on “Strike Witches – Mecha AND Mahou Shoujo?

  1. Exactly! Why did the girls dress decently top half but go undies bottom half? I reckon that’s the fashion in that world!

    I’ll also be following this for a while, been trying to pick up a few series to tide me through this season. Currently having a buffet and will be dishing a series or two in the upcoming week. (:

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