Shugo Chara! – Gay King


No matter what you say to me…I’ll still say that Tadase looks completely gay in his Chara Nari form…and the wink he did before that pose didn’t help at all!!

This episode {39} wasn’t all that good…well, must be because it was Tadase centered and I’m not a fan of Tadase. Give me Kairi or Ikuto anyday!! ^_^

I just realized…I looked more gay right now than Tadase…”’orz

6 thoughts on “Shugo Chara! – Gay King

  1. He twirled too. Don’t forget the glowy naked twirl that up until now only the girls have done.

    And it’s pretty much impossible to look gayer than Tadase. He’s created a whole new standard of gay that gayer than yaoi.

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  3. Tadase looks like he just got out of a girl’s prom dress tailor shop.

    Loose the frills and all the white. He looks like a flat marshmallow. The blond hair does n’t do any justice either.

    Ikuto is good looking. Yes. Good looking INDEED.

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