Code Geass R2 – Shirley…


bit the bullet… :(

At least she left on a more ‘happier’ note. I was expecting her to die of revenge or something a lot more tragic like Euphemia. *sigh* And I was starting to like her again…

This is just another reason to hate Rolo, that stupid uke shouta shot her!! >_< I was hoping Orange-kun would kill him or something…instead Jeremiah got all emo and joined Lelouch’s side…so much for the most anticipated Lelouch X Orange-kun encounter. orz

8 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 – Shirley…

  1. Well, I don´t think Rolo shot Shirley. But then again, the gun wasn´t there. I thought he used his damn knife again.

    But oh well. Fuck Sunrise and may the rage continue!!

  2. DAmnit!!! THis is sooooo fcked up!!!!! I love Shirley throughout the entire anime and this happened!!!! GAH I almost cried at that part…. FUCK!!!!!!

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