Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Next Season~ – Imouto Love


You know, I wasn’t really motivated to watch this episode because of the re-crap that was Mitsuki’s story. I would’ve watched it RAW…but I decided to wait and watch it whenever I got the feel for it…and I regret it. >_> This episode was great! Why did I just brushed it off!? It had plenty of Akane, who I’m a fan of, and the continuation of Takayuki X Haruka relationship problem! I blame it on episode two…

Also, I was sure there were going to be three OVAs and thought this was the finale…but it seems there will be another episode after this. THERE MUST BE another episode ’cause this ended on a cliffhanger:

Another Coma?

Now to wait for next episode…

SIDE NOTE: Each episode featured a different lead from the main girls and gave them the loving they need:

Episode 1 = Haruka Love
Episode 2 = Mitsuki Love {or hate in deftoned’s case} ^_^’
Episode 3 = Akane Love Maniax
Episode 4 = AyuMayu Love?? O_o

4 thoughts on “Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Next Season~ – Imouto Love

  1. Yep. First they said 3 episodes. Then they said 3 and 4 would be released together. Now episode 4 is apparently coming out August 22nd.

  2. If it’s AyuMayu love for episode 4, that would be a treat! :D We all need to be told to step in cat dropping more often for sure. This episode, I thought, was pretty good, but it really should have been episode 2. Just work in some parts of the episode 2 we got (like when Takayuki and Shinji talked) and then have episode 3 be the conclusion. The episode 2 had just way too much recap than there needed to be. People who are watching this OVA already know the story, so it’s not like they needed to refresh our memories.

    Nevertheless, KgNE lives another day and Akane love is without a doubt a good thing!

  3. i don;t think that its going to be ayumayu love. i bet its going to be haruka love 2 or something XD
    watch the ending is that she never wakes up in the coma….that’ll suck….
    well can’t wait to see what the final episode will bring us ^.^

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