Stupid glare is blinding me… >_<

Her new album is out!! And this question has been answered!! Wai~! \(^_^)/ And I gotta say…she looks pretty good! ;)

As for the album…well, it’s not much to be excited about because this is more like a compilation album. All the singles she has released are in here, from “colorless wind” to “Zankoku yo Kibou to Nare” and other image/insert songs. The only songs in this album that I haven’t heard are “Moon Legend” and “missing piece”. This album is probably for people who haven’t heard much of Yuuki Aira.

But well, at least I now know what she looks like!! ^_^


8 thoughts on “Yuuki Aira – REFLECTION

  1. ^_^ I jumped at this as soon as I saw it on a pop up reminder {from Reminderfox} that I recently installed! The first test was a success!

  2. yeah, it’s nice to finally know what Aira Yuuki looks like, even though all 3 (-_-) shots in the booklet either crop her or blind her >_>

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  4. Her second album is going to be released, titled “Eternalize.” on June 9. There’s a new single coming up, as the opening theme for Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu with the title, “Lament ~Yagate Yorokobi wo~”.

    “Eternalize.” has a close up image of her as the album cover! It costs the usual 3,000 yen. But it’s a shame that the second album has no original songs since I really enjoyed Kenichiro Suehiro’s music composition for “missing piece” and “Reflection” together with his other composition for her songs.

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