Do You Love Firefox?

Then why not help the people at Mozilla set a new Guinness World Record? They’re aiming for “Most Software Download in 24 hours” and all you have to do is download Firefox 3, which is faster and safer, on June 17, 2008! Simple!! ^_^ Show your love for THE best browser by helping it go […]

Top 5 Picks for Summer 2008 Anime Season

Most Spring anime have reached the two digit episode number…which means most of them will be ending and will be replaced by the new anime of Summer 2008 Season. As usual, I went to and checked out the summer 2008 list. And honestly, I wasn’t impress much. It seems like the summer anime season […]

Useless Realization

You know what I just realized? That the five members of the Student Council from “Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight” all have a name that starts with a hiragana from the “m” column!! I found out when I was renaming images so they could be found faster. When I realized it, I went to search for […]

The Forgotten Cutie

PANTSU! If it wasn’t for that picture, I would’ve forgotten how adorably cute Hirai Yukari was… -_- If anyone doesn’t know her, she’s the character that Shana usurps in order to stay close to Reiji Maigo…BUT WHY? WHY DID SHE HAD TO DIE!? >_< Couldn’t some other character teach the meaning of existence to Yuuji? […]

Genderswapping no Koto

See I can make them too! I’ve seen these quite a bit while browsing Danbooru, probably brought about by the one with most images, Kyonko who is the female version of Kyon from “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi”. Which leads me to believe that this was all brought by a girl who wanted to see […]