DaCapo II S.S – Finale


Out of all the anime I watched this season, DaCapo II S.S is the one whose ending I looked forward to the most. With the happenings of the previous episode and how darker the anime got as the episodes went by, I was hoping the ending would be a good one…but they had to cheese it all up and give us a happy ending.

Huh? Wait, isn’t that good?

Well, for fairy tale story it is. But for an anime like DaCapo that’s trying to teach us that magic won’t bring true happiness, it sorta makes what it’s trying to teach us meaningless…and thus a not so good ending. It would’ve been fine if everyone remembered Yoshiyuki WITHOUT having to bring him back. That way everyone {mainly the Asakura sisters} would know that using magic or wishing on the Sakura tree would bring consequences.

So those black things are the “selfish” wishes.

But I guess the real lesson is “to not wish for yourself”. If you wish for other people, it’ll come true. Otome tried to wish for Yoshiyuki to come back so SHE could be happy, but didn’t work. But when Sakura, her spirit at least, wished for Yoshiyuki to come back for the sake of Yoshiyuki’s friends and the Asakura Sisters, the wish was granted…which lead to the Happy Ending.

Well, it wasn’t a complete Happy Ending because Sakura never did get the happiness she deserves. She was the one who wished selfishly the most, but unlike any other who wished, she always took responsibility for what she did. And although she dumped all of this on Yume and Otome, she {in spirit form} still took responsibility and wished Yoshiyuki back and at the same time made the Sakura tree disappear for good.

My mind was already set and ready for Yoshiyuki’s return, I knew it was going to happen {it was obvious}, but yet, even though I was ready for it, I still felt it was way too cheesy and was unsatisfied by HOW it ended. But I’m happy the first one to know that Yoshiyuki was coming was Yume, for she saw it in her dream! ^_^


Overall, Da Capo II Second Season was a good anime. After the disappointment of Da Capo II {season one}, I was afraid this season would go the same route and be completely unsatisfying. Thankfully DCII S.S was better than the first season in all aspects, from story to drama. And thankfully, they had the Asakura sisters and the Sakura tree as the main focus. It may not get as much praise from other people, but I liked DaCapo II S.S and would watch this again whenever I get that “spring” feeling!! ^_^

By the way…there was no “Otome Ending” nor “Yume Ending”… >_>


3 thoughts on “DaCapo II S.S – Finale

  1. I liked that the ending was ambiguous. DCIISS was never about Otome and Yume competing for Yoshiyuki’s affection. Their feelings were there and their knowledge about the other person’s feeling were known, but in the end it was more about Yoshiyuki just being there that was important. Had either Yume or Otome or Nanaka been designated a “winner” in the Yoshiyuki sweepstakes, I think it would have taken away from the ending (regardless of who one roots for) and not felt as conclusive and satisfying.

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  3. They chickened out. Just like the chickened out in killed Nemu in DaCapo SS. This could have been a great series if they just followed the story to its logical conclusion.

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