Code Geass R2 – Anti-Geass


Want to know what that thing on his face is…then read the post title. >_> It’s a device that cancels the Geass’ influence over people…and guess who just so happens to be in the radius of it!!


Dum dum duuuu~m! Code Geass just keeps throwing me into edge hanging for dear life! >_<

Woah! I haven’t written anything about Code Geass R2 since episode 2. But since we finally get to know what that thing on Orange-kun’s (Jeremiah Gottwald for the people who forgot his real name) face does…and who just happened to be affected by it, I just had to write about it! ^_^

4 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 – Anti-Geass

  1. It´s quite intresting that if the anti-geass takes away the “damage” the geass did then Lelouch can use his Geass on the people once again?

    Or is his usage of Geass forever lost?

    The biggest question is wether Orange and VV are doing this on their own or by Charles order? Since I would think that Charles wouldn´t want all his work with the geass to be undone.

  2. It looks like Kazuma’s face armor from s-CRY-ed… yea, I know, that’s by Sunrise too…
    Shirley looks like she’s going to burst into Ciel (VA joke) any second and go crazy…

  3. I can see Shirley’s death coming in the next episode, or the one following it, yup without a doubt she is going to die. =D

    I recall the creators saying something about somebody really close to Lelouch dying in an interveiw before R2 was released, and I’m almost positive it’s going to be Shirley.

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