More ARIA is always good, especially if it’s a filler special from the DVD that never aired!! ^_^ Though there wasn’t any Aika nor Alice goodness, usual Akari was more than enough. Well, at least for me since I ♥ Akari!! ^_^ Also, I enjoyed that little moment she had with Akatsuki at her secret spot…that’s where that cute blushing screen cap came from!

If there’s more of these to come…I’ll be a happy camper! Any trip to Neo-Venezia is welcomed!

6 thoughts on “ARIA the ORIGINATION 5.5

  1. “especially if it’s a filler special”

    It’s apparently based on ch39 of the manga so not really filler, still great though :D

  2. I hope they do one on Alicia’s birthday someday, as another DVD special if that is possible. That’s one of my favorites (and for pseudo-yuri fans, all the Alicia X Akari supporters are gonna hate me for bringing that up lol). It’s a great thing the final episode of the Origination doesn’t mean it’s the real end for this wonderful series. :)

  3. I ended up only getting 2 hours of sleep last night because of that episode. :D Note the entry time on my blog…. 4 a.m. :D Aria does that to people!

  4. @Keiri: If her birthday is between episode 5 and 13, the we just might get to see it!!

    @deftoned: The post shows you needed some sleep because there were typos here and there! ^_^

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