53RG10’s Garbage Dump

Ha~…well, I’ve had this blog for about a year now {first birthday will be on June 29!!}. And honestly this isn’t the blog I first registered. I first registered “sziur18”, but since I wanted my user name to be on the address instead, I registered another one with “53RG10” and left the other one alone, I made it private so no one can access it.

But a while ago, I decided to put it to some use since I already have it anyways. I deleted everything it had {really, just that one post and comment you start with} and started “53RG10’s Garbage Dump Deciphered Melody“. Nothing really important will go in there and will rarely see updates. But I just though I would tell you guys about it! ^_^’

What will go in it are just things I don’t deem necessary for “Open Your Mind”, nothing important. It’s just a place to dump any random topics I come up with without cluttering this blog with crap posts. I’m thinking of adding my lyric translations there too so pay a visit! ^_^

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